About the members

Tim Elfring

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is image.png

Tim started on the drums when he was around 8 years old, and he picked up the electric bass at the age of 16. He was asked to join Pyrolysis by Stan, who was his classmate at the time, after only a week of practicing the bass. The band later ditched their electric guitars to play at folk festivals with acoustic instruments, and it was there that Tim first saw the Irish bouzouki. He bought one in 2015 and it’s been his main axe in Pyrolysis ever since. His punchy and heavy playing style is influenced by his favourite rock guitarists like Adam Jones and Brent Hinds. He also developed a singing voice over the years, which is raw and somewhat shouty, but he wouldn’t want that any other way because of the heavy and alternative rock music that’s been in his blood since his teenage years.

Tim also has his own media production company in Black Galley Media, responsible for the official video of The Whaler’s Lantern. He uses his passion for poetry to write lyrics for the band. He considers good lyrics to be one of the most important parts of any song. A large portion of Pyrolysis’ lyrics are written by Tim, and he also always steps in to edit his bandmates’ lyrics to make sure that they flow well and that the right words are in the right places.

Laurens Krah

After starting early with lessons in classical piano, Laurens somehow ended up playing accordion in Pyrolysis. Therefore, ‘annoying’ classical influences are still widely available throughout the Pyrolysis set. For example, Laurens is known to have the dubious talent of adding a gazillion notes to every measure he plays. Approaching life with not-a-slight-amount of spontaneity, Laurens now finds himself playing keyboard, guitar and Irish bouzouki in his other projects like The Royal Spuds, Varend Volk, and Kindleheart.

Despite his job as a lecturer at the Utrecht University, Laurens also acts as booker and general contact for Pyrolysis.

Rikke Linssen

It wasn’t until she was 15 that Rikke gained het passion for music, and she started taking violin lessons straight away. Her fierce way of playing amplifies the energetic tone of Pyrolysis, although her classical education also resounds. With the aid of several singing classes, she has developed a powerful, wide-ranging and somewhat classical singing voice. Besides singing and violin, she also plays viola, tin whistles, and fidgets around with several guitar-like instruments. Rikke largely handles the financial aspect of Pyrolysis. She also does the majority of graphic design.

Besides Pyrolysis, Rikke plays in Vanaheim, Sowulo, and Kindleheart, and is a PhD-student in bio-electrochemistry at the Wageningen University.

Stan Eimers

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is image-6.png

Stan started following drumming classes when he was 7 years old. His tendency to add notes between the notes has never left ever since. He has presently substituted the drum kit for the bodhrán, an Irish frame drum. As one of the few people in the Netherlands, he manages to play musical scales on it. Lessons from a classically schooled singing teacher helped him develop a melodic singing voice. Besides percussion and vocals, he also plays the mandolin. Stan manages the contractual business of the band, like relations with labels and musical rights.

Besides Pyrolysis, Stan plays in Kindleheart and Varend Volk, (sometimes) maintains the website, and studies clinical psychology.

Joshua Kuipers

At the age of 14 Joshua won the main prize at the local bingo and bought a guitar. After jamming for some time the jam sessions asked for more, and a bass guitar joined the family to create more depth in music and songwriting. This led to years of jamming and joy of mainly groovy 60s/70s inspired music before any more serious bands were formed. When he moved to Utrecht to study he became housemates with Laurens, who introduced him to Pyrolysis. After playing several shows he officially joined the band in 2018.

Besides making music Joshua works part-time in a thrift shop. This is in accordance with his other passions, a love for nature (especially plants) and collecting random vintage stuff.