The Whaler’s Lantern

In 2022 we’ve released our new EP titled “The Whaler’s Lantern”. Featuring cover-art designed and illustrated by our very own Rikke, this EP bring a wide array of musical diversity, from ballad-like songs, to fiery funk, to stormy cacaphony.

The titular track continues the story of Neil, a protagonist known from earlier Pyrolysis-songs (i.e., “Live to Rove Again” and “This Is How”) on his ventures through stormy seas, braving the enthralling violence of nature. This is reflected in the cover-art; the lantern’s dying flame illuminates the ship’s way forward through the dark, unforgiving ocean. “Path of the Flame” contrasts this darkness, lightening your feet and making it nigh-impossible to remain glued to your chair! You are encouraged to surprise yourself with the rest of the tracks; the EP is available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, or any of your other favourite streaming platforms!

1. The Whaler’s Lantern
2. Path of the Flame
3. Rest van de Dag Vrij
4. Peace Bells
5. Leave Me

Adventure Folk

Pyrolysis is a young, energetic acoustic folk band. While their self-written songs are often a nudge to Celtic folk music, the influences of punk, gypsy and pirate music are also evident. Five young musicians full of enthusiasm, armed with bouzouki, accordeon, bodhrán, violin and bass, play a rock-solid, energetic, yet intimate and cozy performance that takes their audience to a place where they can forget their sorrows. Cheers!

Pyrolysis was founded in 2012 as a metal band, and has walked past folk punk to eventually settle down at acoustic folk. With this, the band shows that energy is not just in volume; while the electric guitar has been traded for bouzouki and the drum kit for bodhrán, their songs are as energetic as ever before, and at least as danceable.

Since being founded, Pyrolysis has released six records: Remedy for the Night (2013), On Mountains High I Stand (2015), Edges of the Day (2017), Daylight is Fading (2019), Alotsle (2020), and The Whaler’s Lantern (2022) . The transition between different musical styles and the growth of the individual musicians is evident between records. By arranging and performing for Echoes (2018) for the artist Elvya and the EP Islands (2016) for singer-song writer Lisette Lowe, they show that adjusting to the musical style of other musicians is well within their capabilities.

Pyrolysis has been known in the Dutch fantasy folk scene for several years, and has played at several large festivals, such as Castlefest, Elfia, Medieval Winschoten, and has been nominated for multiple coveted awards within the scene (Best Live Act NL/BE – 2016, Best Album – 2017 with Edges of the Day, Best Music Video – 2019 with ‘Never Fade’). They are now slowly but steadily spreading out to other parts of Europe, appearing ever more on festivals in Germany and the United Kingdom. Digitally, they’ve set foot on the shores of the United States of Amerika, across the ocean.