Pyrolysis – Wandering Joker (Official Lyric Video)

This is the first single from our new album A Different Dream. We hope you enjoy! All art by our very own Rikke (except for the barely legible lyrics of the song on the wall written by Tim). All animations done by Black Gally Media, which is Tim’s company.

Pyrolysis – Cooley’s Reel

This video of our show at the P60 as support act for Rapalje gives a little look into our show both on and behind the scenes. Goof with us in this capture of the vibes surrounding our gigs. Special thanks to Celtcast, Rapalje, and the P60 for helping us make this video.

The Pilgrim (Official Video)

We’re very happy to finally show the video for our song “The Pilgrim”, recorded by “our camera team at home”. This song lives deeply in our hearts and is one of our favourites to play on late summer evenings. We’re very honoured by the contribution from AndrĂ© who wholeheartedly gave body and spirit for this project!

Captain Cray (Castlefest 2022)

For a wild and crazy audience we performed our song Captain Cray. Castlefest, you are the best! Videocredits are for Erik Wildeman Visuals, production by Daniel van Houten, camera operators by Eric Schoemans and Miranda Verkoren. Audio is mostly taken from our studio album ‘Daylight is Fading’ (2019), thus sadly not live as not all instruments were recorded that day.

The Whaler’s Lantern (Official Video)

Follow our main character, the whaler, as he’s judged for his greed and bloodthirst by storms and whales alike. This is the title track from the Whaler’s Lantern EP, recorded by Fieke van den Hurk and mastered by Sander van der Heiden. Everything you see in this video is drawn from scratch and animated by Black Galley Media (which is secretly our own Tim).

Never Fade (Official Video)

After months of hard work, we can finally proudly present our new video, for our single “Never Fade”. Together with Erik Wildeman (camera), Femke van Hilten (production), and two wonderful actors (Maarten Stolk & Linda Tas), we translated the dark concepts of the song into something visual.

Heavy Shoulders (Live at Castlefest 2019)

We had the honour of being the closing act of Castlefest, the largest fantasy festival in the Netherlands. Party galore! Here is the song Heavy Shoulders, from the album Daylight is Fading. Cheers!

Grips (official studio crazy stuff)

While recording our new album, we shot some silly shots. Please excuse us.

Donald McGillavry (Live)

Our live performance of Donald McGillavry at the release party for Unforgotten Lore by the Royal Spuds.